Thursday, 14 February 2008

its a common fault and it cost 35 pence

Again I started to hear the same noise. A squeal like a mouse. I knew there was something wrong. Slightly upset as I want to ride the bike not work on it.

I knew it needed looking at. I drove to Pats at Herne HIll. Pat had a listen. The noise was located on the inspection cover of the crankshaft, the stator side.

We stripped the cover off as previous pictures. Drained oil and water.

With the cover off. Pat turned over the engine. I could see the crankshaft turn out of true. With all the parts removed I could see a shim had broke. This had caused the crank end to run out of true.

Previously repairing the sprag clutch. I had taken off the stator. When I re tightened. I heard a ping noise. I thought it had jumped the spline. now I know....

Its a common issue, the Ducati tech replied. I asked pro twins if they had spares in stock. Located a shim and bearing. Advice from Rob was to put grease on the shim. So that when the parts are put together. The shim does not drop.

Now a new shim 35p, another stator bearing for £5.00 and 2 hours labour with Pat.

The bike is back together.

Hopefully the next update. Will be just about the miles increasing with no issues...Now its 20,000 miles.. when i bought the bike it had 14,000.