Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ducati 916 bp sprockets and chain replaced

Below is a picture of the rear sprocket removed from the carrier and bike. You can see it is not like many other sprockets fitted to bikes. It took me a little while to source the correct sprockets for my bike and I believe part of that is the way the rear sprocket is different to the normal sprockets and probably that there are many manufacturers out there that do their own way of holding the sprocket onto a carrier. Renthal are some of the makes I have come across. It does make it hard to source the sprockets as there are less making them for the Ducati 916 bp.

Monday, 24 October 2011

How to adjust showa suspension on a Ducati 916

Suspension has to be right and if you follow motogp then you will understand that a lot of money and time is spent at each track fine tuning.
On the road then this is the same.
I started by moving all the pre load settings to standard as a benchmark. You could make a note of yours and then return back to the settings if you feel you have made a error.
so what are you looking for
me a soft ride that the bike rides over the bumps not skips or jumps.
accelerate and the back end should not sag or drop under acceleration
this will also help with any posture as i felt the suspension was too hard and my back was jolting on the bumps.