Saturday, 29 May 2010

Piper cross filters the right way to install

After posting on the Ducati forum and contacting the company direct. James at Piper cross confirmed the air filters should have the black part upper so that the air hits this part of the air filter first. I guess this will make it harder to know when the air filters need cleaning but as there is two different filters types glued together i will go with their decision. see below for the pictures of the filters turned around. I had to separate the plastics that hold the filters. turn around the filters and click together.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Piper cross air filter which way round

I have just fitted piper cross filters to my 916 and wonder if there should be a correct way to install. if you go to the site the dark side of the filters is supposed to catch the main dust and the colured part is extra fine. this made me think that i should place the darker side up so the air is hitting this side first??

Ducati 916 bp dry clutch basket rattle clatter no more

I have attached a video taken of the bike. Since replacing the clutch plates, steel plates and the housing, there is no clutch rattle to hear. It seems strange that every Ducati has the rattle but I guess as the parts are all new there is no play and the noise has gone. You can hear the bike start and before on one of the previous videos you could hear the clutch rattle, now with the clutch lever pulled in there is no noise from the clutch are.