Monday, 15 November 2010

Front fork seals replace and how to fit back

I have no pictures to show the fork seals as I dropped the forks off to Pat my mechanic friend who took them apart and replaced the seals.
He did mention that it would have been advisable to replace the weather seals at the same time. These stop water and dirt from the main seals so should be changed. Also when putting the bike back together the workshop manual shows to put them back with measuring from the middle of the spindle to under the lower fork brace. I have set them back as the previous picture where the three rings are. This is only a few millimetres off the original advice. Also when putting the forks back in to the bike I forgot to make sure the braided hoses were routed correctly. I had to dismantle the forks again so hope you do not make the same mistake.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Front fork seals replace and how to fit back

The front fork seals have started to leak so I am in the process of taking the forks off so that my friend Pat can replace the seals and renew the fork oil. Before taking off I took two pictures of how they locate in the head stock so that I can put them back the same way or find out if they need to be adjusted.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Ducati starter problem nipon denso stator full of oil

Went to press the starter button and nothing happened. It wheezed and would not turn over fast. On further investigation found the starter insulation under the 10mm nut was worn and the starter full of oil. So have had to strip the casing down to take off the starter motor. As you can see the starter is not fitted for ease of replacement. The engine oil has to be drained and the side casing removed so that you can reach the three allen screws that hold the starter in place.

Ducati 916 bp starting problem caused by oil in brushes

Above is the issue why the bike would not start. Inside the oil leaked into the brush and stator area. This stopped the starter from spinning over. I had another starter and made one good one out of all the bits. Thanks to Harry for helping me and the ducatisti forum which helped me pinpoint the faults. Underneath the 10mm nut is a plastic washer that protects the voltage from shorting out. This had worn but as I had a spare one that was in good condition, replaced.
Now it spins over with ease.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Ducati 916 charging problems regulator rectifiter

Below is the regulator rectifier that caused so many issues on my bike. It started off with the temperature guage not reading correctly and the front bulb blowing then battery levels dropping.
Now with a replacement Suzuki regulator rectifier and a new battery that has been charged up. The bike is running as it should.
I am not happy that the RR52 regulator rectifier that I bought from electrexworld did not last very long. There are so many bad reports about the electrical system on Italian bikes but when the components fail or are made elsewhere, the brand gets a bad reputation....

Friday, 23 July 2010

Where should I put the ducati corse tank sticker

I have attached a couple of pictures of the tank sticker that I have bought for my bike. The first was a carbon sticker which was big enough to touch the lip of the fuel filler to the seat.
The new one is specific for the 916 but is clear and smaller.
Which place is right?

This picture shows the sticker in a lower position

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Temperture needle behaving erratic Ducati 916 bp

After a weekend away with the bike I noticed the front headlight bulb had blown. When I returned home and on the way to work I noticed the temp gauge behaving abnormal. The gauge would normally settle above 140 when warm and rise. On the way to work, I noticed the gauge drop below 140 after it was warm and stay down nearly returning to cold, yet the bike was at normal temperature as I had covered some 10 miles of motorway.
Later I took the panels off and cleaned the bike. I noticed the battery levels were low again, having been topped up only a couple of weeks previous. I then thought there might be a regulator rectifier issue. I Posted on the ducatisti forum and with some suggestions and thinking again. Decided to disconnect the connector to the rectifier. Below you can see that under the plastic connector there has been a build up, indicating a dirty connection. I cleaned the connector and recharged the battery. The battery was registering 12v1 and thought this was a bit low. I replaced the front headlight bulb and rear brake light switch that was faulty. The brake light switch could have been draining the battery. This did not cure the issue
so i took apart all the connectors in the headlamp and removed the clocks. I have now found out that the regulator rectifier was faulty as it was cooking the battery. I noticed readings of 17volts which was too much for the battery. I have fitted another one of another bike which has three wires on the connecter. Although still working as it should regulating the voltage.
Now the bike seems to be behaving correctly. The temp gauge moves in a normal fashion.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Scottoiler the right way to stop loosing oil when its not working

I have just moved the scottoiler to a new place. The picture is of the new position. I had noticed the rear wheel was covered in oil and the bottom of the plastic pipe had come away from the body. With no vacuum the oil just poured onto the rear chain. I heated up the plastic pipe which made it soft and pliable. Then pushed back fully on the brass spigot on the reservoir. Now the Reservoir canister is positioned in a new place independent of the frame. The vacuum pipe is fully on and should not come off again for a while.

Before it was cable tied to the frame where the frame sticker with numbers is. Now I have the bracket supplied with the scottoiler kit. I cable tied the breather and vacuum pipe to the injectors. You can see the silver bracket under the scottoiler reservoir and to the carbon rear mudguard tidy.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Piper cross filters the right way to install

After posting on the Ducati forum and contacting the company direct. James at Piper cross confirmed the air filters should have the black part upper so that the air hits this part of the air filter first. I guess this will make it harder to know when the air filters need cleaning but as there is two different filters types glued together i will go with their decision. see below for the pictures of the filters turned around. I had to separate the plastics that hold the filters. turn around the filters and click together.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Piper cross air filter which way round

I have just fitted piper cross filters to my 916 and wonder if there should be a correct way to install. if you go to the site the dark side of the filters is supposed to catch the main dust and the colured part is extra fine. this made me think that i should place the darker side up so the air is hitting this side first??

Ducati 916 bp dry clutch basket rattle clatter no more

I have attached a video taken of the bike. Since replacing the clutch plates, steel plates and the housing, there is no clutch rattle to hear. It seems strange that every Ducati has the rattle but I guess as the parts are all new there is no play and the noise has gone. You can hear the bike start and before on one of the previous videos you could hear the clutch rattle, now with the clutch lever pulled in there is no noise from the clutch are.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ducati 916 bp dry clutch basket rattle clatter

Took the time to start a service on my 916 bp and need to investigate the clutch which is making a graunch noise when warm. Also I was suprised that the clutch is not slipping. If you look closely in the picture you can see that the plates are mushrooming and deformed. I guess this is making the noise and at times makes it difficult to change gear when warm. I have ordered a clutch basket and bought some clutch plates 19020013A which includes the metal plates also.

A couple of days later....If you look at the pictures you can see how deformed the clutch plates are. I managed to take out the plates clean the basket by filing the burrs off. Then turned the plates around. With all the clutch back to gether it is working fine with no noises. This is only a temporary fix untill i fit the new clutch plates 19020013a, 19810271a clutch housing (basket)plus bearing that fits in the end plate, bushing 7025016a

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ducati 916 bp dry clutch basket rattle clatter

The Ducati has always sounded noisy from the clutch area, now there is a small scrape noise when letting the clutch lever out. There are advantages of having a dry clutch fitted in that I could take off the cover very easily. I could see that the clutch basket is slightly worn. Where the plates are hitting the clutch basket, they have worn the sides. Instead of straight they are now curved. I have read some posts where 30,000 miles for clutch plate wear is the maximum. So at the same time I will replace the plates. From the video you should be able to hear the clutch rattle and see some play in the clutch basket area. The bike is still driving as it only occurs at various times.