Thursday, 10 June 2010

Scottoiler the right way to stop loosing oil when its not working

I have just moved the scottoiler to a new place. The picture is of the new position. I had noticed the rear wheel was covered in oil and the bottom of the plastic pipe had come away from the body. With no vacuum the oil just poured onto the rear chain. I heated up the plastic pipe which made it soft and pliable. Then pushed back fully on the brass spigot on the reservoir. Now the Reservoir canister is positioned in a new place independent of the frame. The vacuum pipe is fully on and should not come off again for a while.

Before it was cable tied to the frame where the frame sticker with numbers is. Now I have the bracket supplied with the scottoiler kit. I cable tied the breather and vacuum pipe to the injectors. You can see the silver bracket under the scottoiler reservoir and to the carbon rear mudguard tidy.

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