Thursday, 13 March 2008

How many times have you heard its supposed to do that

In one way it is good, in another I am not happy. The gales on Sunday must have picked up my bike cover like a parachute. Pulled the bike over and hit the patio table.....

Its good that the mirrors are held on by a screw that the head shears. Thanks to Rob at pro twins for the info.

So to get my bike back on the road I have fitted a new front brake lever and screw for the mirror.

Although I would have preferred if the bike had not fallen over.

Other damage includes the top fairing is cracked under the mirror, the lower fairing has a bit of plastic missing, the clutch cover was dented slightly. The seat has a tear.

I have decided to try and source the parts second hand.

pic shows the screw with sheared head. A part of my fairing and the broken lever.


Monday, 3 March 2008

Its a pain in the wrist but its a Ducati with low bars

I found i had problems in my wrist, a twinge when turning my hand up. Only recently i have understood what caused it.

Sitting on the bike, I have been leaning forward. All my weight on the wrists, due to the low down stance of the bike bars.
Speaking to Pat a while ago and reading articles on the net. I found it is a good idea when out on the bike to grip the tank, pull your upper body up with your stomach muscles and lightly hold the steering.
This has helped as:
I travel over an hour to work and have found my wrist pain is slightly easing, my journeys on the bike pleasant with no issues after.

Next item is to reduce the pressure needed to pull the clutch in on the bike, I guess this is another issue adding to the arm. Also to try another riding style.
To use the clutch less, change up gears with out the clutch. Have discussed this with others on the net. The others agreeing that if the power is off the bike at the time of changing gears, it should be smooth and no damage long term......


The Ducati keeps going

I have added a picture to show the present miles. 20574 miles and no problems. Its cold outside, talk of snow but with a press of the starter button. It turns over and fires.