Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ducati 916 bp wont start or fire

The sun is shinning and its ideal weather for a spin. Press of the button and the bike turns over but not firring after a few turns of the engine. Tried three more times and still no starting.....I normally reset my trip meter to gauge use of fuel and have only covered 140 miles. Usually I can cover around 170 miles before it is empty but I must have reset at some point. I look in the tank and there is not enough fuel to cover the bottom of the tank. I place the bike upright which puts enough fuel to start the bike.....Who says that Italian bikes are unreliable?
I took the bike for mot and had a small amount of play in the rear wheel. As Lift the bike up to check I think it is the wheel bearing as the play is from top to bottom and side to side. At greyhounds Thanks go to Arcadio, Mark and Gary. After each one has a look, Mark spots the wheel nut is slightly loose. No wheel bearing replacement for me and a simple tighten up of the rear nut....