Sunday, 31 August 2008

tyre pressures need checking

As you can see my front tyre pressure was low. In the manual it states 2.2 bar front and 2.4 rear. Both were down by several. Hopefully this will improve ride and feedback. I guess with the bike standing it is just a general loss.....

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I keep saying its no good standing still

I have in the past bought low mileage bikes which have had issues. One bike as it had been standing outside the rear suspension rod had rusted. After a little use the seal went and the shock was no good. Which brings meemories as i now look at my bike and as it has been outside for four weeks. I can see on the aluminium the white dust starting to appear and that i have not been out on the bike. After the install of new pads and brake fluid the brakes need to be beaded in. I have cleaned the bike and sprayed with a wd40 type fluid. The miles are 23k and trying to turn the bike over was a bit slow. It fired into life....

Friday, 22 August 2008

Maintenance Ducati style good or bad

Have treated the bike to new pads all round. When i put the bike in for mot the pads were mentioned. Now a few thousand miles further they needed replacing.
I took the calipers off and cleaned all around each piston. Also cleaned where the brake pads fit against the caliper. As this can cause the pads to stick. Renewed the brake fluid completly. Silicon grease around the pistons individually.
My rear pads have also been replaced. The pads started to stick due to muck in the caliper area. This is easily removed with degreaser and a old toothbrush.
Now both front and rear brakes seem to be improved. The cleaning helping them to perform as they should.