Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pirelli Angel ST sport touring tyre Hayabusa

I fitted Pirelli Angel st sport touring tyres to my bike. I have waited a while for them to bed in before giving me confidence in leaning and using the tyres on the road. I have found them to be as good as other tyres that I have fitted plus recently there seems to be adverts promoting the tyres.

Found on the web that:
Last summer, that is why Pirelli chose the Hayabusa to launch its new Angel ST sport-touring tyre with a speed-record attempt – the bike duly averaged 143mph for 24 hours over 3,209 miles, including all fuel stops and rider changes, setting the world record for standard production bikes. And it had the same rear tyre on throughout.

and on youtube recently Mcn took a stock hayabusa and returned a quick time on the drag strip at santa pod.
link to youtube