Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mot time for the Ducati 916 will it pass or fail

Its a worrying time when you have to take your bike for mot as there are many things that can fail the test. Some of the most common fails can be checked first. This could save you time and hassle of organising a retest or fix.

Tyres front and back on motorcycles should be checked. My personal view is that there should be at least 1mm all over. There is a difference to mot specification and the law which specifies the minimum tread depth. If in any doubt new tyres will give you confidence on the road. Also remember to run in new tyres.

Lights can be checked and made sure that they all work. Brake lights, low and high beam etc.

If only these two checks were carried out and headlamp aim. I wonder how many mot failures would reduce. In cars these two areas account for 65 percent of fails.
A high amount that could be avoided.