Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Front fork seals replace and how to fit back

The front fork seals have started to leak so I am in the process of taking the forks off so that my friend Pat can replace the seals and renew the fork oil. Before taking off I took two pictures of how they locate in the head stock so that I can put them back the same way or find out if they need to be adjusted.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Ducati starter problem nipon denso stator full of oil

Went to press the starter button and nothing happened. It wheezed and would not turn over fast. On further investigation found the starter insulation under the 10mm nut was worn and the starter full of oil. So have had to strip the casing down to take off the starter motor. As you can see the starter is not fitted for ease of replacement. The engine oil has to be drained and the side casing removed so that you can reach the three allen screws that hold the starter in place.

Ducati 916 bp starting problem caused by oil in brushes

Above is the issue why the bike would not start. Inside the oil leaked into the brush and stator area. This stopped the starter from spinning over. I had another starter and made one good one out of all the bits. Thanks to Harry for helping me and the ducatisti forum which helped me pinpoint the faults. Underneath the 10mm nut is a plastic washer that protects the voltage from shorting out. This had worn but as I had a spare one that was in good condition, replaced.
Now it spins over with ease.