Thursday, 22 October 2009

brembo brake pads 07BB15SA sinter fitted on the Ducati 916

Before I fitted the pads I did feel the front brake was a bit spongy at times and thought best to change pads before inspecting. The old pads although within spec had a little more life in them. I took off the brake calipers and pushed out the pistons. I found that one of the larger pistons on the right side was very hard to move. When the brakes were cleaned and all back together. I noticed the brake distance and feel had improved. This led me to believe the piston had caused the spongy feel before and could have fed back to the brake lever the travel on the lever before biting. Although I say travel this in reality was only a few millimetres. The difference now is the brake lever feels as though there is no play until biting point. As when the bike was new.

For a quick fix to replace the pads took me longer than normal but. In addition to replacing the pads with brembo 07BB15SA sinter pads. I carried out the following:

Cleaned the pins that hold the brake pads. Rubbed them down with a abrasive paper and greased before reassembly. I plan to replace these pins next time.

Degreased and cleaned inside the calipers. Cleaned the pistons of any dirt or build up of grime. Greased the pistons with suitable grease and made sure that they moved easily.

Last is to check all bolts are back to torque. Road test and to drive the bike to bead in the brakes. Most manufacturers say to avoid heavy breaking in the first 100 miles or so.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

boxhill on a sunny day and tyre pressures

After a ride out to box hill, I could tell the steering was very heavy. This led me to checking the tyre pressures. You can see in the picture below they were both low, they should be 2.0 front and 2.2 rear. I will have to keep a check on them more often or have them filled with nitrogen. This stops the natural air leak into the atmosphere.
Lots of bikes out at box hill car park. As soon as the sun is out.