Thursday, 13 March 2008

How many times have you heard its supposed to do that

In one way it is good, in another I am not happy. The gales on Sunday must have picked up my bike cover like a parachute. Pulled the bike over and hit the patio table.....

Its good that the mirrors are held on by a screw that the head shears. Thanks to Rob at pro twins for the info.

So to get my bike back on the road I have fitted a new front brake lever and screw for the mirror.

Although I would have preferred if the bike had not fallen over.

Other damage includes the top fairing is cracked under the mirror, the lower fairing has a bit of plastic missing, the clutch cover was dented slightly. The seat has a tear.

I have decided to try and source the parts second hand.

pic shows the screw with sheared head. A part of my fairing and the broken lever.


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