Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rossi or Stoner on a Ducati

First sign of good weather and I decided to take the bike to Hastings for a ride. As I get on the bike I see the roads are still a bit damp and also my confidence is low. I slow down on the corners. I must be thinking about the tv ads showing accidents and the last thing I want to do is skid down the road. As I take it easy and the miles rack up my confidence grows. The corners become faster. I am thinking now of the you tube video I was watching which shows how Valentino Rossi approaches races, his particular style in corners, in learning the track, in looking for markers, in style and even how on the straight he will lift his body to add aerodynamic aid to slipping through the air. I am not saying that I am racing and trying to eek out every last tenth of a second. Just enjoying my ride in the sunshine...Although I must have been watching to many Moto GP races. As I approach a corner I think of the correct line, look for a marker, try to straighten the corner and lean off the bike and smoothly plant the bike with markers visible. One thing to plan for next year has to be a track day. This will definitely help to open up the bike with no fear of cars pulling out, falling off or exceeding the speed limit.

If Rossi drove with Stoner on Ducati bikes I wonder who would be the fastest....

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