Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Petrol and water dont mix in a Ducati 916 bp

Out on the Ducati today when the weather is around 1 deg with frost on the ground. After an hour on the bike i pull in to a petrol station to fill up. As i try to get the key in the petrol cap it has frozen. Gently pushing the key it eventually moves in and i am able to get the cap open and fill up. The cap pops as the pressure of water has frozen around the cap. When i lifted the cap ice could be seen. On return i have taken a picture as the water is still there. It is a common problem that if the drain pipe is blocked, the water will not drain and as you open the cap to fill with petrol the water gets into the tank.....
I plan to use a copper wire to try and clean the pipe, if this does not work it will need stripping of the tank. Not a five minute job.

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