Friday, 13 March 2009

When to change Oil on the Ducati

Thinking about my bike service with the engine oil and when to change. I have been looking in the service book and it is every 10000km or 12 months, with a quick google conversion this works out at 6000 miles. The last time I changed the oil was at 22k in June 2008.

Looking into wikipedia and the service book and with memories of discussing with friends. It is a emotive subject and I heard a story from Jon when dispatching that he used frying oil in his bike to prove a point. That it is better to change often than to use a high grade oil and leave longer in the bike. He ran a bike for a week and changed the oil to prove it would work ok. I also noticed a top ten that ran a honda c90 without oil to see how long it would last. Not something I would recommend. Another issue is the use of the bike that affects the oil. On short journeys the oil is broken down and needs changing sooner. On long journeys the bike does not need changing as often.

So for now I will top up the bike oil and leave for a few more months till June.

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