Monday, 22 June 2009

Handy service spec including torques settings for Ducati 916 bp Biposto

Handy Service items
list of some of the items that you need to service the bike
Tyre pressures
front 2.2 bar and spindle nut tighten to 15-20 nm
rear 2.4 bar and rear wheel nut tighten to 157nm

Oil capacities with oil filter is 4.0 litres but i find it is around 3.5litres. Easier to fill with less and add when visible in the window.
Torque setting to tighten up the oil drain plug is 42nm and the oil filter is 17nm. If removed the guaze is 42nm and its best to replace the ally washer.

Torque for rear wheel pinch bolts. This is for the two bolts that are loosened to alter the chain adjustment. 32nm
Front wheel pinch bolts are 20nm

valve clearance
0.15 inlet 0.20 exhaust
closers 0.05

Plugs Ngk DCPR9E
0.6 mm gap and tighten to 15 - 20 nm plus grease the threads slightly. I replaced the plugs at 14k. now at 23k the plugs are still ok.

Chain tension is 25mm. Turn the wheel until you feel the tight spot in the chain. Then take the measurement and adjust.

I have carried out the following and have cleaned the air filters, removed the sump plug on the side and cleaned the gauze. Checked plugs not replaced as they are ok. Have a look at the pictures below. Colour looks ok although the air filters need a clean.

As with any service, check all nuts and bolts visibly to see if there are any loose. Check all lights to make sure they are working. Tyre depths. Brake fluids are topped up. Cooling mixture is at right level with engine cold. Wheels spin easily and have no play (for possible worn bearings). Battery levels are correct and it is clean externally. Quick check of charging after to make sure the charging system is working. Check brake pads front and rear are within spec. There is a fuel filter in the tank which should be changed. Easier if the tank has little fuel in to take out.

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