Monday, 17 August 2009

Change brembo rear Pads on a Ducati 916 bp

Just taken a few videos showing how to change the pads on the Ducati. As with any advice, If you are not sure then do not attempt to, as brakes are an important part of the mechanicals. I also cleaned and greased the pistons, checked seals on the caliper before this picture. This helps the pistons to move without problem. The most common issue with brakes is having dirt on the pistons affecting the brakes to drag or bind.

Video 1 shows the new pads, 12mm t bar socket at the ready with new brembo 07bb2010 rear pads. Checking the fluid level which is low on mine as I have not topped up. If it was full, then it would need draining as when the pads are pushed in the fluid will overflow or stop the pistons from going back in.

Video 2 shows where the locating bolts are and how to access. Make sure the socket is fully covering the head of the bolt and undo both.

Video 3 shows rocking the caliper on the disc so that the motion pushes back the pads. I have already cleaned the pistons and greased them. This makes the brakes ease back as they should. The pistons move back until the pads will not move anymore.

Video 4 shows the pads being replaced. As the pads are dropped below, the new ones are added and make sure the pins and spring clip are all put back as they should be.

Video 5 shows the pin in place before pushing in place. After the circlip is replaced and checked that it is home fully.

Video 6 shows the brake play is checked and that there is play in the lever. On the ducati there is adjustment on the lever. If this was over tightened, it could cause the brakes to bind

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