Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The pleasure of the open road

Today was my first ride out and it made me think that often I only try to write in the blog about fixs when one of the enjoyments of motorcycles is to get out and ride your bike.
It was a dry day and quite warm for this time of year just under ten degrees which helps confidence for grip on two wheels. I do enjoy opening the bike up and the noise of the termigionis bublling on throttle off and barking on opening up. Or when you are under a bridge and can hear the noise echo.
There are times when you have to be careful though and only yesterday I was talking  about the days of slipping on diesel on the road. Lately this seems not to happen so often as the price of diesel means many lorries or cars do not spill anymore.
I have in my history of riding bikes nearly fallen off twice due to diesel. On one occassion with a N reg honda 400 four approaching a s bend torwards a bridge the back end started to spin. As I kept the power on it spun from side to side but kept upright.
Another time when I was selling my W reg Suzuki Gs1000, I took the customer out for a spin and approaching the roundabout turned left and as I entered the corner started to loose grip. On both occasions this was approaching bends where i believe the fuel spilled. Both times were over ten years ago.


ride safely

 Recently I have tried to stop the stator burning yellow wires. The plastic block connectors that burn. As in a earlier post I have done a bit of research and am working on a fix. Will update soon.

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