Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ducati 916 bp side stand leaning over

The Ducati 916 bp when parked up, seemed to look as though it was going to fall over. On inspection the side stand has worn as it is made of aluminium and where the stand touches the ground has a sharp point that can dig into tarmac. I tried to tighten the stand and this helps but still it leaned over far too much. I went to see Alex at Alpha Welding, Croydon, London CR0 2RQ where Stan helped to measure the lean angle and work our the amount needed.He then cut out a piece of ally around the stand and Alex welded the part on. It is more on the basis of a trial stand where the part that touches the ground is larger and is less liable to dig in to soft ground.
Below are the pictures of before and after. Alex can be contacted on 0208 684 3811 and quote "Vince"

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