Sunday, 23 January 2011

snow and under the motorbike cover

The snow has passed and this brings back memories to the problems with the weather of snow and ice on the roads. The bike was parked up and under cover, once lifted off to check the bike I have found condensation. This could start rusting or corrosion on the bike. It is always a good idea to clean the bike of any dirt and to use some corrosion resistant sprays.
The other day I started the bike to let it warm up and when up to normal temperature switched it off, I think that motorbikes, cars, mechanical parts do not like sitting still. So many times I hear that bikes with low mileages have so many problems (caused by standing). Parts that seize or rubbers that harden and leak, Cam belts that can break or jump a cog. This leads to so much discussion on the time to replace? time or miles, with the 916 bp there are very small gears on the Ducati s and as the angle is so tight, this seems to be one of the reasons why the belts are changed every two years. Whereas I have experience of servicing cars and a Honda car and a Toyota van, the owners have not changed their cam belts and both are over ten years old. Peace of mind would have me change the belts straight away but good examples of how belts can last longer. As with any service item, it is always best to make up your own mind.
Another issue is the bike battery which is connected permanently to a trickle charger. The alarm is constantly discharging so its good to have the battery in a optimum state so when you press the button.
what tips do you have when you park up your car or bike for a while?


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