Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oil leaks on a Ducati 916 bp

Its a pet hate to have oil leaks on new bikes. I guess it was common on older machines that maybe were not serviced well or the technology let them down. On the Ducati as I pulled up I noticed that there was a few drops of oil and when checking the level it needed about 400ml of oil. I have never had to top up the oil since I have owned the bike. On starting the bike I took the fairings off and looked around. On closer inspection working from following the oil leak on the exhaust up the engine i found the leak. It was on the oil pressure hose attached to the oil cooler. Leaving the bike on tick over there was a gentle increase of oil leaking from the gauze area that joins onto the pipe that is screwed on.
A quick post on Ducatsti and no others had the same issue. I also wanted to see if it was related to oil pressure or any other problems. Not a good idea to search for more problems..
A call to the Ducati dealer quoted £125 for a new replacement and not in stock. ebay sellers wanted £40 with no guarntee that they were ok.
A quick search on the internet and I remember wanting to start a pirtek franchise which carry out a hose repair service. I called the local in Mitcham and Kenny suggested to bring the hose down to the depot. He pointed out the clip that surrounded the hose was cracked. I had not noticed this. He found a replacement crimp, placed the hose on the machine and charged me £6. I was so impressed I gave him a tip and explained that he had saved me a lot of money.
The picture below is the pipe on the bike and originally the crimps were a short golden colour the new one is longer but with the fairings on will not be seen.

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