Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Only if you have a Ducati 916

One of the main ideas of the blog was to share my fix and to help others. As my bike has a couple of fix,s on hold.
One is I want to stop the yellow wires from the stator burning which seems to be a common problem on my bike and many others. To try and stop it I have ordered a mosfat r/r to upgrade the regulator rectifier. I also think the connectors are at fault and have ordered some new ones that are water tight.
I also ordered a new clock surround as mine has aged. The light bleeds from the green neutral display into the low orange petrol light. Also waiting on good weather. Without a garage working outside in this weather is not kind.

While I am on hold is there any Ducati 916 out there that you are having problems with or want to suggest a blog update.

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