Saturday, 11 February 2012

Charging issues and how to prevent yellow wires burning Ducati 916

I have just finished my bike with some changes to the electrics and hope this will stop any issues in the future and warn me before I need to investigate.

First I have fitted a mosfat regulator rectifier which now when I check the voltage is charging around 14 volts. Before I had a regulator rectifier off a Suzuki tl1000. Although the connector block was a three pin and mine had two pins I was able to connect it together. This lasted about a year where I then noticed the wires from the stator into the plug was burning out again. So now I have the mosfat working efficiently. To warn me if the charging is out of specification I have fitted a led warning light that flashes fast if out of range and slow as it nears perfect voltage and is out when within range.

I have added a video to show the led where I have added it to the spare red charge light in the instrument cowl. The video shows it in operation and I have added a fluke meter to show the voltage.

Now I hope that the waterproof connectors and mosfat charging will last longer before I need to look into the charging again. Current mileage is 37404 miles and having owned the Ducati from 2002, there have been a few hiccups along the way.
With these two modifications I hope that I can catch any issues in advance.

link to youtube. video of the led in action and the mosfat regulator rectifier putting out 14.4 volts

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