Friday, 16 March 2012

Ducati 916 bp leaking oil from the clutch rod onto the exhaust

Pictures of my Ducati 916 and the oil that is leaking onto my patio. Not a nice sign to see oil leaking from the engine. Thanks to Harry who cleaned the oil first then on my way home I left the bike parked up on the stand to see if i could trace the oil back to where it was leaking. The exhaust has a small drop on it and from here I worked the trace of oil up to the push rod. Pushing the clutch push rod, I can see that fresh oil is leaking from the area. It was only a short journey of two or three miles.
Now back to the mannuals to see where the leak is from and if i can replace a seal or find out why it is leaking.

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Chris A said...

Vinny, saw this and your post on Did you resolve the problem in the end? I think I have the same or similar.