Thursday, 20 December 2007

Ducati 916 stator rumble or bearing

I looked out and the weather looked good.

Time to sort out the fueling chip. Went out for a ride on the Ducati. As i drove 15 miles there was a rumbling noise from below. I thought the blogg would be full of miles spent driving. Not more issues. The sound seemed to sound from the cam belt. i took the cover off, felt the top bearing and it rattled. Thought i found the issue.

Put the bits back together and started the bike. Noise still there. When I reved the bike above 3k the rumble sounded terrible. I looked in the window where the timing marks line up. It seemed to wobble. Not wanting to strip the engine, i posted on Ducatisti asking for help. Some suggestions pointed to main bearings, stator nut loosening .

I stripped the alternator cover thinking the stator nut had loosened. This can be a common issue.

On removal of the alternator cover, pulled the cover i could see what has happened. the bearing has collapsed. Lucky for me i counted all the bearings, none missing.
Pat from Viking motor cycles helped me put the new bearing back in the cover. He had some special tools to take out the bearing and replace. I am used to putting the bike back together, so now in reverse the parts back on, the new oil and water.

The bike now starts. the engine as quiet as a Ducati can be. Have a look at the pictures. inside the cover you can just see the bearing apart.


Here's to more miles with no more fixes....


iain said...

Cheers Vinny - my 851 started making these noises last year and I just put her in the garage thinking it would have to wait - I expected engine re-build time.

Over this weekend I checked the cam belt tesnsioners - fine...

Took the side cover of the generator casing and I've had exactly the same failure you had.

Bearing on order - and crossing fingers everything OK inside!

Iain (UK)

Vinny said...

Iain have a read of my earlier comments also. The reason that it failed was due to me breaking the shim behind the generator. have you done any work previous or could it be just the bearing on yours?
regards Vinny