Sunday, 9 December 2007

The long road to Ducati smiles

The splutter / cough / misfire is fixed now.

It drives like it was meant to. At low revs with little throttle it will pick up cleanly. At medium to high throttle input it will respond with out hesitation. At full throttle there is no misfire / hesitation.

The reason Pete ( ) has altered the fuel chip. He has helped me to tune the fuel chip until the running is spot on.

On my bike it is fitted with the IM16u ECU. It is located under the seat, under the rubber bung. The difficult part is in tuning the bike. Ideally time and someone who knows how to tune the fueling is needed. Or Pete in one word.

I hope the advice hear is taken as that. I hope to help but assume that you know what you are doing. If not like me ask for help of others that do. Or that have the equipment sometimes needed to locate or special tool to complete.

The journey to hear was a long one back in June 2007 I bought the bike. Below is the start of my journey. I use the bike to commute to work. Each week I use the bike I cover approximately 400 miles. Today the bike has covered over 20000 miles.

One of the first sites i looked at, to investigate buying the bike.

After my initial service in June 2007. I still had a splutter at low revs. I posted some help on

I thought the issue was related to the fuel. I looked inside the tank with a torch. I could see rust and water mixed together. Bingo I thought. The tank is easily removed with a single allen screw under the front of the seat. Once removed and with the tank slightly raised. The fuel pipes are disconnected. By releasing the clips. I drained the fuel. Under the tank are three allen screws. When the large aluminium plate is removed. Use three longer allen screws which are needed to raise / remove slowly the plate. After disconnecting the pipes inside the tank, I could see the tank fuel pump. Where the fuel pump sits, it was full of crud.

The probable reason is by the fuel cap. Sitting on the bike to the left of the fuel cap there is a tiny drain hole. When washing the bike or when driving in rain. If any water enters this area if it can not drain away it will slowly seep into the tank. Or when opening the fuel cap any water will drop in the tank. Water will not help in any way to the running of the bike. I used a copper wire to clean the pipe. I checked water would flow through ok.

While it was apart I found that the bike has two filters in the tank. One fuel filter I had cleaned underneath. This is accessible by a circlip under the tank. The other filter is in the tank. Its a inline metal filter connected by two pipes. When I removed this filter. I cut it in half. The filter contained a lot of rust. Another issue cured.

When I put the bike back together. I went for a drive. The misfire was still there. Now also I noticed a high revs misfire. After a post on the forum. I asked for help from others and also if there was any friendly Ducati dealers. I went to David Robinson in Wandsworth. He was really helpful in suggesting possible issues.

With his advice. I now had to check the tps setting, if there was water in the injectors.

I found a brilliant site that mentioned how to adjust the tps. If the dealer was in the Uk I would have liked to pop in. He is based in Australia but the site has so much information. His knowledge shines through.

I found the tps was slightly out. 10mv too high. I adjusted this went out for a ride but the stutter was still there. Back in October the misfire developed to the point where I could not drive the bike. It kept stalling.

I was finding that as the bike kept stalling or cutting out I was trying to start the bike 10 or 20 times in a hours journey. Also when turning over a occasional mechanical knock sound occurred. It sounded as though the teeth were missing one.

The bike had developed another fault.

If I held the throttle slightly open with the bike stationary. The bike would rev, misfire then die. I connected a meter to the leads from the tps unit. Using a couple of wires cut to push inside the connector loom. With the bike ignition on but the bike not running. I could see that as I opened the throttle slowly through the range. The meter range fluctuated. This indicated the tps unit was faulty.

I also managed to drive the bike to Pats at Viking Motor Cycles where he specializes in Motorcycle Repairs And Servicing in London South East. Tel: 020 86719915 - Bath Factory Estate Norwood Rd, London, SE24 9AJ

On connecting the mac tool. The fault code showed faulty temp sensor and tps.

I phoned Ducati dealers and found no one had a Weber PF 09 in stock. I did a search via google

where I found

They were very helpful and the price was cheaper than the dealer. I replaced the unit. Tested the bike and found that although the bike did not stall anymore or did the bike misfire at a low throttle opening. The low end stutter and the high end misfire was still there.

The next day the bike would not start. With a post on Ducatisti forum. It was suggested it could be the sprag clutch. See this link.

The difficulty was to remove the stator. As this is tightened to around 150 pounds torque. It is very hard to loosen unless you have a clutch tool or a good mechanic such as Pat. On removing the sprag bearing. The sprag spring had lengthened to the point where it could not hold the inner bearings tight. As the picture Pat cut the spring, rejoined and put back together the bearing. I put the bike back together. Went to start and the engine and it locked. It would not turn over.

On removing the stator engine cover. I had placed the outer stator the wrong way. Once this was corrected the bike back together. It started.

I let my bike tick over for at least a minute before taking off. I normally start the bike, then

Put my helmet and gloves on. Push the bike out on to the road. By this time hopefully the oil has worked its way to the top. Although another aid is to use fully synthetic. This will hopefully coat the internals. So with cold starts there is some oil there.

On every press so far, within a couple of turns the bike will start. Helped by a brand new GS battery from Pad at
Greyhound Motors Ltd. 020 8680 5656. 258-264 London Road, Croydon, CR0 2TH.

Now with the mileage at 19700. I decided the oil and oil filter needed replacing. This was done as to remove the stator cover. Needs draining of the oil. I also took out the oil guaze filter at the same time. This had some metal particles. Once cleaned with new washers all was put back together. Parts bought from Pad at Greyhound motor cycles.

Now I can enjoy riding the bike. I hope that if you decide on a Ducati. You do not have as much to do as me but if you have any problems you will find this helpful to fix.


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