Wednesday, 12 December 2007

its not a Ducati but the smile is there

What to do? The car has been on the drive looking lost. The weather raining, cold but today the sun appeared. Popped out and had to lower the roof as inside dripping with condensation. The previous days raining not helping with roof of the car.

Its a Mx5 euno roadster 1.6. I can see how its one of the best selling sports cars. With the top down, driving in sunshine its the best feeling. Its not powerful, 120ps although will easily top the speed limit. Also it only weighs 950kg. This helps it to drive reasonably quickly. It handles brilliantly. My first time approaching a quick corner, i realised. In all my other cars i have slowed down and felt the car roll. In the Mazda the confidence is there to keep at the same speed or faster. It puts a smile on your face.

It had a few problems but they are all sorted. The windows not dropping fully was the straps had broke allowing the wire to trap. The water pump leaking but now replaced. Lots of info on the net with how to fix. So many good sites. Now though, after a summer of driving, I am now thinking about selling.

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