Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I had a budget to keep to and with that looked around at Japanese bikes although in the back of my mind I wanted to buy a Ducati. I started off working as a motorcycle mechanic for Japanese motor bikes. I appreciated the quality of Japanese bikes through working on them. In Particular Yamaha's, their build quality and finish in my mind slightly better than the others.

I bought my Ducati searching through the local ads. The owner not using the bike as it covered only 14000 miles. Registered new in 1998.

I carried out a quick search on the net and most people recommend the bike with nothing major to worry about. After a road test the bike coughed occasionally at low revs which did not put me off. The bike was fitted with Termi exhausts made in carbon fibre. I knew these needed to be set up correctly. Most likely a fueling issue. I also was confident that my servicing skills would help me sort it out.

I paid the money and was a new owner. My first experience driving the bike. The noise from the twin singing in my ears. The handling, the feel of such a slim light bike on the corners. Then the power of the bike accelerating was awesome.

Home and after cleaning the bike I set out to service. First I checked the bike over. Found the air filters were falling apart. The sponge perished over time. The plugs worn. Thought I found the reason for the occasional cough.
I bought service parts from local Ducati dealer I needed plugs, oil filter, oil and air filters. The spares were reasonably priced except for the plugs. Even though they are standard NGK. I saved money by buying from another bike dealer for a quarter of the price. Also some of the car dealers will supply the same plugs even cheaper but at that time none in stock.

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